Ryan's mugshot

My name is Ryan Imel, and I’m the developer behind the ultra-small web and application development studio aspiringindie.

I develop websites using valid and cross browser XHTML, CSS, and Javascript. I spend most of my professional time building out sites using WordPress as a platform, as well as contributing however I am able to the open source project itself.

Solid development is cool enough

I’m not a big fan of the trend among web designers and developers to call themselves “rockstars” or “ninjas” lately. I don’t think we need to append something extra to our titles. Our job is cool enough as it is.

I’m also regularly publishing tutorials and content specific to web development at the popular blogs Theme Playground and WPCandy.

My work history

I created aspiringindie in the summer of 2006, as a creative communications boutique, which offered not only web development and graphic design, but photography and videography as well. In the time since I decided to focus more-so on web development, as I feel that’s where I can have the greatest impact.

I began working on aspiringindie full time during the summer of 2008, right after finishing work at my last “real” job, working remotely for a web development agency out of Oklahoma. Now I spend all of my time working with brilliant designers and agencies, bringing elegant solutions to the best clients in the world.

I’m a work-from-home-entrepreneurial-fairly-eccentric guy. Not an office worker, not by a long shot.

→ Download my resume (with full list of work experience)


I’m available for speaking on the subjects of front end development (XHTML/CSS/JS) and WordPress development.

→ See the speaking page for more

Why aspiringindie?

The name “aspiringindie” came about because it describes the mindset of my ultra-small studio: it’s all about freelancers working for what they are passionate about. The entrepreneurial, freelancer-driven world of the web is what excites me the most.

“Indie” stands for “independent”. So literally, independents working for something more. And by “more”, I don’t necessarily mean a full time “real” job.

What I work with

  • WordPress
  • CSS
  • Javascript (+ jQuery)
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Objective-C

The GooRoo Network

GooRoo is a network of training websites, currently featuring cooking and home repair training. Searching for how-to? You found it.


Softcom is an enterprise-level CMS site, executed perfectly with WordPress.

I’m David G Cohen

David G. Cohen’s site was built to be a social aggregation tool rather than a traditional homepage. And that’s a good thing!

WordCamp Atlanta Presentation: Parent and Child Themes

It was a lot of fun being at WordCamp Atlanta this weekend, especially being able to introduce a nice room full of people to the concept of parent/child themes and hopefully pass along some tips for them to run with. And I’d like to say, before anything else—big thanks to Brandon Sheats and Tessa Horeheid, […]

Testimonial from Charles Hudson

“Ryan developed the core WordPress theme that I have used for a number of conference and event websites. Ryan was able to quickly arrive at a design that I liked and demonstrated a good eye for design and a strong command of WordPress development. I was very pleased with the work and the short time […]

Testimonial from Andrew Hyde

“Ryan is a joy to work with on projects. Clean code, met every deadline we had and was always looking for ways to improve the product. Would highly recommend him.” Andrew Hyde (re: this project)

One project's worth

Testimonial from Shawn Johnston

“Ryan Imel was quick, professional and knowledgeable about WordPress development through out project. The site is stable, well built and we’re very happy with it. There are a lot of bad developers out there and I can say without a doubt Ryan is one of the good ones.” Shawn Johnston, Blackwave Creative (re: this project)

Screaming Monkeys Presentation: The Advantages of WordPress as a CMS

It was great to be able to give a talk last night to the Screaming Monkeys web guild here in Fort Wayne on using WordPress as a CMS. Rather than force anyone to scribble down notes as I went, I’m dropping a few of my notes and recommended links up here for anyone to grab.

Testimonial from Tim Novinger

“Ryan is an excellent WordPress developer who really knows the framework and CMS inside and out. He fit in perfectly with our team and I really haven’t any complaints about him or the services he provided us, and would recommend him to anyone I know.” Tim Novinger, The Nichols Co. (re: this project)